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The corporate environment has grown over the years, making human resource a vital part of any business strategy. Businesses require an efficient way to recruit their workforce. This workforce should then be refined so that they bring the utmost value to the business. This is where human resource professionals come in.

What’s even better is that there are many contract jobs in Australia for HR professionals today. Contract offers more often last a certain period, but some businesses offer an extended period or permanent recruitment for outstanding employees

To double your chance of landing these roles, your resume should highlight skills that would convince potential employees to easily consider you. In this guide, we look at some of the essential HR skills that should feature in your resume.

Communication skills

As a human resource professional doing contract jobs in Sydney, you’ll be involved in recruitment, employment application approval, drafting employee benefits, coming up with training modules, coordinating briefings and so on. This requires that you have superior communication skills that span talking, writing and even areas such as conflict resolutions and crisis management. 


Looking for contract work in Melbourne? You have every reason to include decision-making in your resume. This is a highly-prized skill, as it entails making choices that directly affect the business’s performance. In employee recruitment, for example, you’d have to determine who fits the job requirements from a pool of candidates. If a business is downsizing, you would have to do a complete employee reevaluation and retain the most valued staff. You have to be an effective decision-maker to be successful as a HR professional.

Employee Training

Employee training and development is now part of the strategy in nearly every business. Not only does it motivate the workforce but also refines their skills, leading to improved productivity and better business performance. You can now clearly understand why HR contract work in Perth and other cities in Australia require that you have relevant employee training skills. Such skill is central to the success of any business today. 

Empathic skills

Being an HR professional puts you right in the middle of the employees’ internal, financial and confidential affairs. Contract jobs in Brisbane would definitely value this HR skill. Handling employee salaries, benefits, and personal information needs someone who listens and is objective.


As an HR professional, you’ll be personally handling the company’s financial budget. That includes employee benefits, compensation packages and allowances. You will also have to factor in with the business’s operational expenses and overall spend limit. Recruiters looking for effective HR contractors are likely to want you to have this skill. 

Organisational skills

HR is a multi-faceted role that requires you to execute important business operations to the utmost efficiency. You’ll be responsible for delicate tasks like interviews, employee recruitment and training, employee evaluation and development of individual work plans. You’ll also need to keep an updated, well-catalogued record of employee information. Whether you’re interested in part-time work or full time, this is a valued skill to add to your resume.

Business Management

An HR professional needs to be capable of effectively handling the structural issues of a business. You need to have skills and experience in areas such as drafting employee rights and hiring policies, designating employee credits and rank, coming up with employee privilege packages and maintaining a healthy, internal corporate relationship, and so on. 


Effective teamwork and proactive problem-solving are the key drivers that push a business towards its organisational objectives. HR professionals should be able to build communications throughout the organisations' hierarchy, inspire individual growth and help create decision-making processes that impact the business’s success. Even finance contract jobs and IT contract jobs Finance contract jobs need highly skilled HR contractors with strong leadership skills. 

Generally, it pays to have a well-written resume that incorporates all the relevant skills needed in your area of specialisation. For human resource professionals, what we have looked at are the most essential skills you should never lack and which should be factored in your resume. Whether you are looking for contract jobs in Zealand or contract jobs in Sydney, the requirements barely differ; include all these skills. Visit our job portal to explore the contract jobs available in cities across Australia and New Zealand.