#Employment Seeker

We all know that strange feeling that comes when you are about to be interviewed for a contract job. Interestingly, no matter how well you prepare for an interview, you will still get the feeling that you missed something. If you have attended multiple interviews for contract jobs in Australia, you will agree that there are questions that almost all the recruiters ask. 

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why these questions are common? Well, it’s definitely not because the recruiters have nothing else to ask. A recruiter can find out a lot about you depending on how you choose to respond to these kinds of questions.

You need to answer them in a way that will leave a lasting impression on the recruiter if you are to be considered for the contract job.

Fortunately, there is a way to ace the common questions asked by recruiters. Read on to learn the tricks. 

1. Do You Have Leadership Skills?

It might seem weird when recruiters ask you about your leadership qualities,  especially when you know there is little chance of you being handed a leadership position as a part-timer.

Why then would you be asked such a question?

Based on the answer you give, a recruiter will be able to tell if you can take more responsibility when the need arises. They also want to know if you can be able to think on your feet and innovate creative solutions to problems on the go.

The best way to answer this question is by bringing up instances where you had to think outside the box in order to solve a problem, especially in your previous contract jobs. 

It is also a good idea to let the recruiter know that you are not afraid of sharing your ideas with the rest of the team.

2. What Are Your Strengths?

You are more likely to be asked this question by recruiters interviewing you for contract work in Perth or any other city in Australia. It might seem like a pretty straightforward question but many part-timers often get it wrong.

What recruiters are basically trying to find out are the things that motivate you, your ability to accomplish tasks effectively when working under pressure and whether you are good at multitasking.

You need to give an answer that can satisfy the recruiter in all these categories and then go further by outlying personal traits that enable you to operate at optimum efficiency as a career contractor.

3. Are You A Team Player?

Another common question that a recruiter might ask when you apply for contract jobs in Brisbane and other cities is if you are comfortable working with people.

This might seem like a tricky question since as a contractor, you rarely have the opportunity to put down roots at any place you work in because you are always on the move.

However, you need to put yourself in the position of your potential employer. They need to make sure that the contractor they pick for the job can team up with the permanent employees working for the company.

Otherwise, they risk handicapping their business by hiring someone who is not a team player. 

The best way to answer this question is by stressing on your impeccable communication skills. Emphasise on your ability to deal with a wide range of personalities at the workplace.

Do not expect the recruiter to believe you outright. So, make sure you give real-life examples of how you applied your communications skills to come to an understanding with difficult personalities at past places you have worked before. 

Remember to keep your examples brief and professional.

4. The ‘What if’ Questions

Most contractors dread being asked by recruiters how they would deal with a random scenario, mainly because you can’t prepare for these kinds of questions.

However, whenever you get such a question, remember to keep your cool and not to panic.

Recruiters ask such questions to find out how resourceful you are. Even if the question seems technical, you should answer it in a way that shows you are able to think on your feet without supervision.

Remember not to give answers that show the recruiter you are grasping at straws. If the question is too hard, it’s better to let the recruiter know than to give a half-baked answer.

Take your time to learn more about these four questions as they barely miss in any interview for a contract job. If possible, talk to fellow contractors to find out how they approach the questions. You could learn a thing or two, especially if they are successful in their career. 

All the best!