#Employment Seeker

Before you do away with your full-time job and switch to the contracting lifestyle, there are a couple of things you will need to do in order to prepare yourself for contract jobs in Australia. 

Both job markets are totally different. If you bring the same approach you used while doing full-time jobs, chances of failure will be high. Don’t also forget that the contract jobs industry in Australia is just as competitive as the other job markets. 

You will need to prepare well for it in order to be in a better position of succeeding as a contractor.  We talk about the steps you should take in detail below. 

 1. Understand How the Contract Job Industry Works

Do your research to learn how the industry works so that you can be on the same page with your potential employers. This will also help you relate with them better and look like an expert. 

Understand the financial aspect of contract jobs in Australia, including how to negotiate with clients, payments basis, tax, and insurances.

Find out the different kinds of employment contracts available, how to negotiate job offers and how contract positions work. 

Since you must also have the ability to cope with uncertainty, including unpredictable jobs, compare your strengths and weaknesses and assess whether you are ready for this industry. 

 2. Register Your Business

Once you have understood how the contract job industry works, go ahead and register your business if you don’t plan on operating under your name. 

There are three ways you can operate as a contractor: 

  • As a sole trader

  • As an employee of an umbrella company 

  • By starting your own limited company  and working as a self-employed contractor

If you are not ready to cover the expenses associated with forming a limited company, partnership or trust, you can work as an employee of an umbrella company or sole trader.  Both are ideal options for those who want to avoid the management costs.

It is, however, ideal to start your own company since it can yield higher take-home pays and you will enjoy the tax benefits associated with independent contractors.

Also, to ensure that you don’t fall into legal issues on tax payments or to enjoy benefits, get an Australian Business Number (ABN). 

3. Build Your Contractor CV & Network

Many contract jobs in Sydney and other cities only last for a short time. it is therefore important to position yourself in a way that potential employers will find you more suitable for their roles. 

One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring you have an up to date resume. It should show your collective experience and all the relevant skills you have. Remember to spice up your profile as well so that you can stand out among other candidates.

Sometimes it is better to customise it to match the potential employer’s requirements. Some contract jobs only target specific skills. The employers behind such jobs simply want someone who can solve a specific issue. When they look at your resume and don’t find the skill needed for the job, you will lose out on it. 

Also, communicate and network regularly with part-timers inside and outside your profession. They can help you get more contract jobs. A good network of contacts who could use your services may directly approach you.

4. Identify Best Places To Get Contract Jobs

As mentioned earlier, many contract jobs in Australia only last for a short time. To be guaranteed of continuous employment, you will need to know places where you have a better chance of getting contract positions. Look beyond the typical job websites. 

ContractInn is one of the places you will want to begin with. We take pride in being a reliable job website that’s specifically dedicated to advertising contract jobs in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and many other Australian cities. 

Utilise social media networks as well, especially LinkedIn. Network with fellow career contractors and potential employers on the platform. 

Don’t forget to attend events in and outside your industries where you can meet fellow part-timers and potential recruiters.

With these tips in mind, you are set to begin your hunt for contract work. Best of luck to you  in your search and future jobs.