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In the past three years alone, at least 33,000 new tech-related jobs were created in Australia. Currently, they occupy third place on the list of fastest-growing jobs in the country. Top on the list is application and software programmers. Also, in March this year, the LinkedIn Economic Graph indicated a 17.3% hiring growth in the IT and software sectors. 

Interestingly, the growth has been partly attributed to the fact the IT sector offers many contract jobs in Australia. Right now, many people in this sector looking for jobs that have a remote working element to it. Some are quitting their usual jobs and reskilling to enter the IT sector because of its promising future. 

In 2019, Australia’s Digital Pulse reported that by 2024, an estimated 100,000 new IT jobs will be created. This shows the demand for IT contractors will continue to rise year after year.  One of the most recent factors that has fueled this growth is the COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19  Pandemic

This pandemic has been a wake-up call for many businesses, especially those discovering right now that they were not sufficiently prepared to navigate such a situation. 

The need to have systems that facilitate remote working and e-commerce platforms that enable online shopping has driven a lot of businesses to hire IT professionals, many of whom now work part-time due to the restrictions on gathering. 

Across the country and globally, there’s a gradual shift to remote working and those responsible for seeing this through include IT professionals and leaders. 

The Need To Keep Top Talent 

So many businesses now want to the best talents, especially in the IT sector, who can help them keep up with the new trends, innovate and stay ahead of the competition.  Automation and the rise of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence have forced many to seek top-performing IT part-timers in the country.  

Through contract work, they can test their skills and proceed with those who seem to match their needs and expectations. Eventually, they can find top talents who can help them meet different business goals. Some businesses then go ahead to transition the role into a permanent one. 

Location Limits No Longer A Problem 

Location has been a huge limit for many businesses in Australia that need top IT talent. Initially, one would only hire staff who reported to work every day. But this came at a cost, especially to businesses that operate in remote areas or smaller cities. 

Where you had no access to the best IT talent, you had to work with what is available, which sometimes meant working with an inexperienced less qualified IT professional. 

However many are slowly realising that you can be based in Perth and advertise your contract jobs in Sydney. This has made it possible for many businesses in hard-to-reach areas to access a large pool of skilled IT talent. 

ContractInn is among the websites that have enabled this connection to happen. As a contractor-dedicated website, it opens up employers to exact talents they need to accomplish specific tasks. 

Costly & Time-Consuming Recruitment Process 

The process of hiring an IT professional for a full-time position takes time. Initially, this was not a big problem for many businesses. But a lot has changed in the recent past. 

For example, the speech at which technology is evolving is now faster than before. You could start a recruitment process today and after 30 days, there is a new trend you cannot afford to miss out which requires a different set of skills. 

The advantage contract jobs in Australia offer in this case is that you can quickly find the talent you are looking for and hire them to complete the task at hand. Eventually, you will save time and money and at the same time have the surety that the task will be completed successfully. 

Rather than deal with the shortcomings that come with a bad hiring choice, many businesses now prefer to hire contractors for their different roles. 

As mentioned earlier, the demand for IT contract jobs in Sydney and many other places in Australia is set to rise in the coming years. Remote working is gradually becoming the norm. To stay competitive and survive in the coming years, you will also be forced to incorporate new technologies in your business. Even if you do not such talent now, this won’t go on for long. And when that time comes, it will be best if you know where to look. As an employer, you can sign up for a free account on ContractInn today and start to take note of potentially great IT talent in Australia.