#Employment Seeker

Did you know that most recruiters spend only about 6 -7 seconds reading through your resume? That means for you to capture their attention, you have to present a stellar profile. That is part of what it takes to get contact jobs in Australia. 

Aim to impress your recruiter and give them compelling reasons to pick you.  Your profile should elicit interest and excitement in them.  But how does one do that? 

We understand that coming up with such a profile remains a challenge to many job seekers. Many do it wrongly and end up frustrated in their search for jobs. 

To help you do this right, we share practical and effective ways to spice up your profile and stand out from the rest of the candidates. 

Keep It Simple 

Interviewers and human resource people love it when they can pick up key details from your resume with ease as opposed to reading through lots of paragraphs. Most of them will only check out your resume if it has skillfully phrased concise statements. 

Many qualified job seekers have missed out on job opportunities because they created a bad impression. Interviewers will form an opinion about you based on how you are able to describe yourself. 

When coming up with a profile, leave out the fluff. As much as you want to say more about why you should get the job, only address what matters. Do so clearly and make it your goal to avoid prose. 

Be Yourself In Your Profile 

A common mistake many part-timers looking for contract jobs in Sydney make is trying too hard to wow a potential recruiter. Many get carried away and end up excessively decorating their skills in an attempt to catch the attention of the recruiter. Avoid it!   

Use of flowery or poetic language when listing your skills or achievements comes out wrongly and might cost you the chance to get the job. It increases your potential of ending up in the rejection pile.  

Instead, keep a formal and professional tone when describing yourself. To help with this, read the profile as if it belonged to someone else to remove parts that sound exaggerated and overdone. 

Place Your Profile At The Top 

While scheming through resumes sent to them, human resources professionals mostly scan the top of the page. When they have to go through lots of applications, many barely have time to read the entire resume. 

By looking at the top of the page, they hope to find out if you have what it takes to get the job. It is, therefore, advisable that you place your profile at the top of the page. Furnish it with information that matches the specific requirements of the job. 

This way, you introduce your value to their company without putting them through a mesh of words. 

Focus On The Job Listing 

Contract jobs in Australia vary from company to company. Even though the jobs titles might sound the same, the job description is in most cases different. That means you should not always assume that you will get your next job the same way you got your previous one. Even your previous achievements will not always be relevant in your next job. 

When coming up with your profile, countercheck what the company is looking for to avoid giving unnecessary information. 

Carefully read through the job description and then tune your profile to match the recruiter’s specific requirements. 

Avoid buzzwords 

LinkedIn has this tradition of listing common words in job seekers' profiles that not only throw off recruiters but also make you invisible to them. For a long time, many candidates have been using words like responsible, team player, passionate, expert, skilled, creative, strategic, efficient etc. to describe themselves. 

Here’s the bad news about using any of these buzzwords. To your potential employer, that is a flat and boring tone. They also make you indifferent from all of your competitors.

Instead of just saying you are a team player, you could try and expand on it in a clear and concise way. For example, you can state that you like to work together with fellow employees or contractors to achieve the company's objectives. 

Consider Your Industry 

In jobs where tone and other aspects of language really matter, make an effort to communicate to your potential employer that you have what it takes to do well in your industry. 

For example, if you are applying for a legal contract job, present your profile in a formal and professional way and make sure everything is well-written and succinct. 

Since they are not meeting you face to face, your potential bosses can only gauge your attitude by the tone in your profile. 

Once you have all these tips figured out, go ahead and draft that irresistible profile. Remember to write it in the first person and keep it under 200 words. If you are keen to apply for quality contract jobs in Australia, sign up on ContractInn today. It’s absolutely free!