#Employment Seeker

After completing a contract job, so many career contractors often worry that they might end up jobless if they do not begin the search for new contract jobs in Australia right away.  However, those who have been here before admit that the new search is in most cases riddled with challenges that can make it a frustrating experience. 

The good news is that some of these frustrations can be avoided. In the article, we take a look at the common ones that you are likely to encounter in your next search for a new contract position.

1. Long-Winded Application Processes

You’ve probably come across many job boards with frustrating application processes.  Yet when you are on the look-out for a new job, you just want to apply for as many vacancies as you can with ease. This is only natural as you would want to increase your chances of being hired for a contract job that you like. 

Many part-timers admit that a website with a long-winded job application process slows you down a great deal in your job search. In some instances, it might take you even hours just to input your details and get through the application process.

To avoid the frustration of a long application process for contract jobs in Australia,  take your search to job websites with user-friendly job application features. At ContractInn, we've made this process so simple and easy for you by streamlining the job application process for contract jobs.  

2. Being Picked For The Wrong Job

Recruiting agencies can be helpful, but only if you are working with a competent one. Competent recruiters will do their best to match you to suitable contract jobs in Sydney and other places. This will put you in a better position of acing the interview and fitting into your new role if you are hired. 

However, in an effort to get a new job as soon as possible, many career contractors often end up with inept recruitment agencies, where the recruiters focus more on their targets than finding clients the right jobs.

If a recruiter sets you up for a job that has nothing to do with your skills, the outcome will definitely frustrate you. A lot of your time will be wasted attending contract job interviews where your qualifications don’t fit. 

Should you choose to use a recruitment agency, make sure that they have a record of matching contractors to jobs that they are qualified for before you sign up with them.

3. Job Scams

Scammers usually take advantage of desperate part-timers looking for their next job by posting fake jobs. While it might be easy for you to spot the more obvious job scams that have titles such as ‘Make a million dollars from home’, some scams are actually very ingenious.

Scammers will put up a fake job with in-depth details in an attempt to fool contractors into applying and giving up confidential data in the progress.

For example, you might find a contract job posting that seems pretty legit. The application process will go well for the most part. Then the ‘interviewer’ will ask you to pass on personal information such as your bank details.

Be wary of such job posts. An honest recruiter has no need for your personal information. The best way to avoid being scammed is by applying for contract jobs on accredited or well-recognised job boards.

At ContractInn, we vet every job posted on the platform. You can apply for any contract on the website with the assurance that you are protected from scammers.

4. Non-Existent Jobs

Job scams aside, maybe you have fallen victim to a harmless fake job advertisement during the time that you have been a contractor. Some recruiters do post such job ads for different purposes. It’s a practice that still frustrates part-timers in Australia.

One of the reasons why some resort to this tactic is if they want to gather resumes for future job postings. Business owners might also post a fake job ad as a way of finding out more about the kind of candidates that are available on the market.

Regardless of their reasons, you will be frustrated if you show up for an interview only to find out that the whole thing was a ploy. 

At contractInn, we are yet to witness such a case. Part of the actions we have taken to ensure only real jobs are posted on the platform is by only working with reputable businesses and companies. 

Whenever you search for new contract jobs in Australia, remember that there are solutions to the frustrations you might encounter on the way.  We may not have listed all of them but we used these four to show you that you can avoid this. Using credible job boards like ContractInn and competent recruiting agencies will solve most of your frustrations. However, unlike a recruitment agency, ContractInn is absolutely free to use. Sign up today to explore its potential.